Ardhanarishvara at Arunachala: This fusion of Siva and Shakti representing the male and female halves, transcends the distinction and limitation of male and female and takes the Lord to a level beyond gender-manifest Brahman, realization of which means liberation . . . click to read this narrative

Deepam - Annamalaikku Arogara: Lord Siva showed himself as the eternal principal in the form of an endless column of Light, the light of consciousness through which realization is possible. Invisible it is to mortal eyes, it is called the Mahamangalam, the Great Auspiciousness. Arunachala Mountain is an icon or indicator of this presence of power . . . click to read this narrative

Deepam Legends: To resolve a dispute between Brahma and Vishnu, Sri Siva created a limitless Pillar of Light and challenged the Gods to find the column's top and bottom. Brahma and Vishnu both failed in their tasks and subsequently prayed to the Lord that the blazing pillar should establish itself as a Hill, and that Sri Siva should take the form of a lingam on the east of the Hill . . . click to read this narrative

The Festival of Light: Once a year, the top of Arunachala is alight with a fire that can be seen for miles around. It is the god Shiva, who is manifesting himself as a blazing pillar of light, the lingobhava. Rudra or Shiva has said, 'I am Agni or great energy and I am Soma; I am myself man together with nature.' . . . click to read this narrative