Arunachala Egology and Ecology: Every clod of earth is 'alive' and precious. When protected, bare rock and soil spring to green life. If Arunachala represents the convergence of all spiritual disciplines, He is also the radiator of earthly prosperity. Let us clothe Him in green splendour and thus usher in the green of the planet too . . . click to read this narrative

Friend of the Trees: "You may call a tree a standing man, and a man a walking tree," said Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. We know that some insects, animals and even human beings are harmful, occasionally or otherwise. But trees? Do they have anything but good for all of us? . . . click to read this narrative

Our Sacred Earth: When we know that all is sacred, all is God, and we are all children of Mother Earth, our behavior and even our desires change accordingly. We want to enhance the common good and balance our individual needs with those of the extended family of life. It becomes natural to follow dharma . . . click to read this narrative

Shiva as Ecologist: Many natural forces are imprisoned in Shiva's persona: his flowing tresses represent the forests themselves, trapping within them the mighty river Ganga, the source of perennial water and life. His vibhuti or sacred ash is the symbol of fertility, a gift of the earth. He is accompanied by Nandi the bull and, often, different wildlife, for he is Pashupati, Lord of animals . . . click to read this narrative