Contemporary Court Case: Over the course of many years there was a long altercation and ensuing Court Case between disparate parties, as to who should be in charge of the development and management of Arunachala. A final and irrevocable decision was made by the India Supreme Court in an Order dated October 3, 2005 . . . click to view legal documents

Narrative on the Environmental Concerns and the Courts: Litigants, lawyers and judges accept the sacred manifestation of the Divine, and the right of the people to worship and live in a territory which is infused by the heady sense of both love and maya. But the debates around globalization, modernization, small town ethos and urban resilience in the face of dramatic changes have to be negotiated with . . . click to read narrative

Extract from Sri Ramana's Deposition: In 1938 the authorities of Arunachaleswarar Temple filed a law suit regarding the ownership of Arunachala Hill which was being claimed by the Government as Forestry Department property. The Temple authorities cited Sri Ramana Maharshi as a witness. On May 9, 1938, the Court sent a Commission to record Sri Ramana Maharshi's deposition . . . click to read narrative and Deposition

Extract of Addendum by Sivotondan: Setting out the principles underlying Arunachala sthalam, in order to persuade the relevant authorities to change their minds about the location of a then proposed Government complex . . . click to read Addendum