Over the course of many years there was a long altercation and ensuing Court Case between disparate parties, as to who should be in charge of the development and management of Arunachala. Conservationists and many Arunachala devotees battled to have the Hill declared a Heritage site and thereby ensure that the Hill and surrounding area would be protected by law from development and encroachments. The opposing party in this matter fought to ensure the Hill came under the control of the Thiruvannamalai Municipality, and that development should be supported and encouraged that would make the town and surrounding area, financially successful.

After many Court battles a final and irrevocable decision was made by the Supreme Court of India which was set out in an Order dated October 3, 2005. In that order, The Supreme Court of India accepted the suggestions contained in an Affidavit presented by the Thiruvannamalai Municipality concerning various plans regarding the development and management of the Arunachala area. The Court further directed that a committee should be appointed by the Municipality which would oversee future development of Tiruvannamalai.

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Affidavit of Thiruvannamalai Municipality

Supreme Court Order October 3, 2005