Arunachala Siva - On The Girivalam Path:
Agni and Yama Lingams ; Niruthi and Varuna Lingams ; Vayu and Kubera Lingams ; Esanya and Indra Lingams

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Significance of Girivalam: The Arunachala Puranam declares that: 'the holy Arunachala is the primal, Adi linga. The path around its base is the sacred Yoni. Pradakshina of the Hill is therefore pradakshina of the source of all lingas! Click to read narrative

The Story of Vajrangada: In days of yore there lived a Pandya King named Vajrangada. He always followed the dharma and was just, dignified, skilful, patient, calm, humble and intelligent. He was a great devotee of Siva. Once he set out hunting, riding a noble horse and entered a forest which extended as far as Arunachala . . . Click to read story