Annamalai Swami Life and Talks
Annamalai Swami came to Bhagavan in 1928. After a brief spell working as Bhagavan's attendant, he was given the responsibility of supervising building projects in the developing Ramana Ashram. In 1938 Annamalai Swami effectively retired to Palakottu in order to live a life of seclusion and concentrate on sadhana.

Later in life he gave talks to spiritual aspirants at his Ashram adjacent to Ramana to read this narrative

How to Start Practising Atma-Vichara by Michael James
The only thought that we should look at in order to know ourself as we really are is our primal thought 'I', because unlike all other thoughts, none of which are conscious, this thinking thought 'I' is conscious, both of itself and of the thoughts that it is thinking. . .click to read this narrative

M.A.Piggot first English lady to Visit Ramana Maharshi
M.A. Piggott is believed to have been the first English lady to visit Sri Ramana Maharshi. The visit described below took place sometime in 1932-1933. In the below narrative spiritual instructions from Sri Ramana regarding Self Enquiry are conveyed to M.A. to read this narrative

My Meeting with Ramana Maharshi by Mercedes de Acosta
Reading Paul Brunton's "A Search in Secret India", had such a profound affect on Mercedes de Acosta that she travelled from the U.S. to Tiruvannamalai in November 1938 to meet and speak with Ramana Maharshi. In this extract from the memoirs of Mercedes de Acosta, Bhagavan answers her questions on the Self and on sadhana to realise the to read this narrative

Paul Brunton dialogues with Ramana Maharshi
Paul Brunton first visited Bhagavan in the 1930s and was one of the first Westerners to write about Ramana Maharshi in his book, "A Search in Secret India". The book brought the attention of the world to Ramana Maharshi's powerful self enquiry "Who am I?" method. Following are dialogues between Maharshi and Brunton, mostly in question and answer to read this narrative

Ramana Maharshi Death Experience
The turning point in Venkataraman's life came spontaneously in mid-July 1896. One afternoon, the youth for no apparent reason was overwhelmed by a sudden, violent fear of death. Years later, he narrated this experience as to read this narrative

Self Enquiry and its Practice
by David Frawley
Many different types of meditation are practiced throughout the world. The Vedantic tradition of India has counterparts for most of these, from meditation on deities to that on the various aspects of consciousness. Of these different meditation techniques Self-inquiry (Atma-vichara), a self-introspection approach, is generally considered to be the most to read this narrative